From birth Keep It Local was social media based and it was time to grow the concept. The concept was easy and very simple; some FREE advertising. As a business ourselves, we feel that everyone should have the opportunity to advertise their businesses and services in the towns in which they operate. And sometimes, like ourselves, we all need a helping hand to get our names out there without it costing the earth. D3 Web Design Harlow Essex built us a website that provided us the platform to offer everyone a free listing but also available were paid adverts and posts for those who want to go the extra mile. The website D3 Web Design Harlow built us also collates a collection of surrounding areas and their services, amenities, businesses, shops, pubs, nurseries, restaurants and many other small and medium companies onto one easily accessible site making it easier to see all local events and promotions (rather than just 'Keep it Local Waltham Abbey', or 'Keep it Local Epping' which social media tied us to). The website has seen us grow from strength to strength and the journey has only just begun.