Selfie Board Social Media

Selfie Board Social Media

Selfie Board: What are they and how can they become part of your marketing strategy? What are the benefits of selfie boards in business? D3 Web Design can take your order now for Insta Boards, Face in the Place Boards, Tweet Fleet Boards. We can even help you realise how to conquer social media platforms with selfie boards and many other tips, tricks, tools, gimmicks and marketing strategies.

As Social Media Platforms take over the world of social and business it is now more vital than ever to join them and make sure you are utilising them to their full potential. Managing your social media is a full time job (as you may know), you should concentrate on your day to day work and let a professional monthly manage your account. This keeps you reaching an audience, engaging with potential clients and being responsive to queries.

As social media becomes a place for referrals, recommendations, engaging, advertising and promotions it is now more important than ever to be involved. D3 Web Design based in Harlow Essex are skilled in setting up social media to work for your business. We also offer monthly management packages that can be custom built to your needs and may even include website blogs and monthly boosts!

Have you joined the new trend? Selfie boards are taking social media by storm. They are not just for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, parties and friends/families photo memories/opportunities. Have you noticed social media hashtags, tags and posts from local and blue chip businesses. These selfie boards are proving a great way to promote, advertise, engage, share and create brand awareness and services. Corporate events, fundraising, crowd funding, exhibitions, team building, checking in, grand openings and special events for businesses can all benefit from selfie boards. A simple share on social media can create a tree with many branches that will help your brand and services increase reach (especially locally).

If you have opened a highstreet shop and have a grand opening, why not give the attendees a selfie board photo opportunity which they would share and post on social media to reach all their friends list (perhaps 500). If you are doing a promotion of a product or service at your store or an exhibition, why not provide a selfie photo opportunity for passers by that they can share and post on facebook (potential 750 friends reach). If you are having a themed night at your restaurant with a ticket entry then why not have a selfie board at the ready for ticket holders to tag, like and share the evening on social media platforms like instagram and twitter (inscrease reach by maybe 400). After a treatment at your salon why not have the client show off their new nails or tan next to a branded board that they can like, share and tag with their friends list on social platforms (reaching a new 600). This is essentially a one off cost for a board that gives you countless advertising and promoting opportunities and a huge reach.

A selfie board can create brand awareness for businesses, that social media post has now reached potentially 100s of their friends/family/colleagues who are left intrigued of your services or eager to visit your business, join or enter a competition or share the original post with their friends list creating more branches to your tree.

D3 Web Design have seen a popular trend to create social media competitions at venues all over Essex, Hertfordshire and London shops, salons, gyms, restaurants and companies. Take a selfie, like and share and tag us in your social media post for the chance to win....etc.

A simple selfie board can show personality, show customers authenticity and by their nature are personal. Employees using a selfie board can show , "We like to work here, and we support the company’s mission". A simple selfie can make your business or company become human. This allows you to show customers transparency and know they are talking to real people. You can give social proof of your services and company offerings straight from the client or customers recommendation. D3 Web Design know that this is the new age must have for any marketing strategy! This is social proof of a company's success.


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