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Brochure Websites are good for business

Brochure Websites are a great way to start your online identity or as a must have addition to social media which may already be well established.  A website in itself is an imperative platform to ensure your companies credibility and to apply brand continuity. Your website can be your platform to ensure referrals are taken seriously and to showcase your products and services. A website gives browsers the ability to find your services, create testimonials/reviews, view your work and see your company ethos and values.

D3 Web Design based in essex have the ability to create brochure websites that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are technically brilliant. If you are not available online then you are missing thousands of sales opportunities to competitors.

You may have a well established company with contracts that feels a website wouldn't be beneficial. Here is why you are wrong. Over time competitors will try to under cut your prices and better your service and if they have website supporting their work it may encourage contracts to start looking elsewhere. No matter how long you have worked with a company they may still like to use your website for time to time. It may be to check what other services you provide, to look for a pricelist or address.

Each business should be setup with the potential to sell as an end goal. If you brand your company right and have a great product and ethos a website can encourage sales and finish off a business package. A well established domain name and website are a great addition and sometimes a necessity.

Brochure websites are really the starting point for an online identity. They are what we like to call a basic website, with minimal pages. They are far from basic in the measurable results that are possible.  With lots of other website packages available at D3 Web Design such as; fully SEO websites and ecommerce websites there are lots of pros and cons that are very specific to you as a company to which one you choose. Call D3 Web Design to discuss how a website can help you 01279 639865.

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