Google My Business Harlow Essex

Google My Business Harlow Essex

Google My Business Harlow Essex

Google My Business sets itself apart from other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter by having a heavy emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). Many search results that belong to Google My Business appear higher on Google’s search rankings, just because they are a part of Google’s massive network. A quick, easy and cheap one off setup payment can get instant results and gains huge coverage. Google My Business has two purposes to help business owners increase their online visibility and to help people find, engage with, and review businesses in their local area. It’s effectively the most comprehensive and accessible business directory ever created. It’s much more than just a directory though, as it’s social and interactive too.

Who can have it?
Anyone can have GMB but it is ESSENTIAL to have this service set up by someone who is Certified and Google Approved (like D3 Creative's Develop Team). Similar to setting up your social media properly, it is of importance to use a certified team so that you gain the most from every SEO potential. GMB enhances your SEO and increases traffic to your website and services.

What does it do?
Content that is shared on Google My Business is added to Google searches (or indexed) much quicker than on other sites. As such, all new content that you create should be spread on GMB and other social media sites in order to ensure it is optimised as soon as possible. Google My Business enhances your SEO and increases traffic to your website and services.

Where can you find it?
Whenever someone is using anything Google related, and searches for something, which Google determines to have local intent, such as ‘dentists London’ or ‘restaurant in Newcastle’, links to 3 Google My Business pages will be displayed. These local business listings in Google are valuable for a few reasons:
• They’re normally located above the standard search results.
• Your business’s address and phone number is displayed alongside them.
• A direct link to your business’s location on a map is provided.
• A direct link to reviews left by your customers is provided.

When clicking through to a business’s Google My Business page, people can see the following:
• The business’s name, address and phone number.
• A description of the business.
• The business’s location on a map.
• The business’s opening hours.
• A link to the business’s website.
• Photos and videos related to the business.
• Reviews of the business left by previous customers.
• A rating out of 5 for the business (based on scores given by previous customers).

Why do it now?
Take this opportunity to be an early adopter and get well established before everyone else clogs up the system. It is a small investment of time and effort that could have significant payoffs for your business

Do you want to…

• Access More People
• Better Presence In Search Engine Results
• Gain Trust With Customers
• Meet Mobile User Expectations
• Engage With Customers

The sooner you get started, the sooner your business will be visible when people in your area search for keywords relevant to your business, and the sooner you’ll start receiving a steady flow of customers from them. We can't wait to hear from you. Click Here.

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